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International Light Center

Sala de ventas


Lumicentro was born in 1967 with the idea of satisfying the needs of residential, commercial and industrial lighting throughout the continent American and the Caribbean. We started with a store located in Panama City from which they supplied the local market; However, the dream of its founders was to expand its operations worldwide and collaborate with the development of lighting products, bringing designer lighting at good prices to the largest number of homes.

We continuously create new models and we are concerned with expanding the product lines, with the most advanced technology without neglecting the components of the aesthetics and beauty of the design, in this way the changing decoration trends that are created through the lightning.

regional scope

We provide innovative design solutions in large department stores in CentroaAmerica, Caribbean Islands, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Guyana, Suriname, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and the United States. 


Being organized, training the best people and providing unique services. Lasting over time, with scalable growth, aligned with digital and decorative trends in an excellent work environment and generating a lighting culture.

Our values



I respect


Continuous improvement



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